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作为纽约英皇考级的官方指定考点,菲耳音乐学校多年来帮助大量的学生以优异的成绩通过各级别考级。 在过去十年,我校学生不仅有100%的考级通过率,更有高达92%的学生以130+的成绩在英皇考级中得到“Distinction(优秀)”的评级,而英皇考级作为全球认可度最高的考级体系,每年的“Distinction”率仅为2%。 在过去的2018年中,英皇考级的最高级别六,七,八级的最高分均来自于菲耳学生! 

作为纽约英皇考级的官方指定考点,菲耳音乐学校多年来帮助大量的学生以优异的成绩通过各级别考级。 在过去十年,我校学生不仅有100%的考级通过率,更有高达92%的学生以130+的成绩在英皇考级中得到“Distinction(优秀)”的评级,而英皇考级作为全球认可度最高的考级体系,每年的“Distinction”率仅为2%。 在过去的2018年中,英皇考级的最高级别六,七,八级的最高分均来自于菲耳学生! 


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

As the world leader in its field, the Associated Board currently conducts over 600,000 music exams each year in more than 90 different countries.

The ABRSM provides an independent grading system for the aspiring musician looking for a standard to compare to. For parents and teachers, it is a system that can be utilized to show areas of improvement and merit. For candidates, it provides for a certificate and/or a degree that can be used anywhere to provide verification of musicianship. This alone, sets apart ABRSM from all other testing standards because it is the largest and most well-known music examining board in the world. 

As one of the largest music boards in the world, it offers greater advantages over other music exam boards, such as credits for university students. Steps are now being taken to further implement the ABRSM examinations into the collegiate system after Lipscomb University became the first university to require music majors to sit for the ABRSM examinations. 

For more information, please check with your instructor, or visit:


ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Course 2018 Fall Semester

Based on ABRSM’s requirement,  students who wish to take further practical exam (grade 6,7,8) will have to pass Grade 5 theory exam. Thus ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam is very important to students!  We highly recommend all the students to prepare this exam as early as possible (Ideally after your grade 3 practical exam)! In fall 2018, we will open a new ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5 Course for students:

• This course is ideal for all intermediate and advanced level students for all instruments 
• Students will get fully prepared for the exam after this course
• Highly Recommended to students who passed/are working towards ABRSM Grade 3-6
• This course is also ideal if students wish to improve music theory/sight-reading.
• 5-8 students per class
• Next ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5 Exam will be held on November 3rd,  2018 

Schedule: Sunday  4pm-5:30pm  09/09/2018-10/28/2018  

Rate: 8 times 1.5 hour lessons for $280

Instructor: Ms.Carrie Shi


New York State School Music Assosiation 


NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates student musicians in New York state from elementary school to high school.

Each spring, thousands of students* register through their school's music programs to attend NYSSMA Evaluation Festivals where they are adjudicated. These festivals take place at local middle and high schools within the fifteen NYSSMA zones, each of which covers an area in New York State. Usually, county high schools take turns hosting the festival every few years.

At each festival, students perform scales, a solo or ensemble piece of their choice from the designated NYSSMA repertoire, and a sight reading piece. The judges score and comment on the students' performances according to defined guidelines set by NYSSMA. The grade sheets are then certified and sent to the music departments at the individual schools to be distributed to the students.

Instruments evaluated include voice, piano, strings, woodwinds/brasses, and percussion.

​For more information, please check with your instructor, or visit:



Further Music spends a great deal of time and effort in helping students achieve satisfactory grades for their music examinations. As a result, many students received high or full scores on their exams.

Major music conservatories or pre-college division entrance examination


The Juilliard School of Music, Mannes School of Music, and Manhattan School of Music are among some of the most prestigious schools that accept students for pre-college classes. There are annual entrance exams for candidate students, and the exams take place from March to May.

Every year, many of Further Music's students are accepted into the pre-college classes of each music school with outstanding grades.

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